We Want to Be Your With


Posted by on March 6, 2017

We live in an educational culture of hierarchies. In a large school, superintendents, principals, curriculum designers, specialists, and teachers are over the students. Decision are made over the students, not with the students. Rules, curriculum, assignments, and assessments are predetermined for the students. The bell determines when learning is finished, and the grade dictates the learning. (In this environment, most students only study what will be tested).

Students typically react to this structure in one of two ways: 1) Comply quietly. Don’t question. Make good grades. 2) Resist. Question. Fail.

There is another option for both types of students.

At Benedicite Education, we have created a learning environment that promotes connection and engagement. It is fueled by a culture of “with” not “over.”

  • Parents partner with the learning team.
  • Students create a workplan with the learning guide.
  • Students collaborate with one another.
  • Passions and interests are blended with learning.

Power over doesn’t allow for individual interests, passions, or excellence.

We want to be your with.


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