The Universe in a Bowl of Macaroni and Cheese


Posted by on October 24, 2016

By Ms. Dianna

Taking a play from “The Great Explainer” and renowned physicist Richard Feynman, Ms. Dianna explains her art of dot connecting. Here, she demonstrates with macaroni and cheese the connectedness of everything to everything. This is her role as the high school learning guide – helping students connect the dots.    


  • Complex calculus and topology – What is the surface area of a piece of macaroni?
  • Simple algebra – cooking math, ratios, how much do we need?


  • Biology – What is pasteurization?
  • Chemistry – What is a solution?
  • Physics – Can you make a machine that would make the elbow macaroni shape?


  • Can you make a recipe into an easy to remember poem?
  • Writing intensive – research paper on the dish.


  • Why did Mac N Cheese become such a popular dish?
  • How has the dish changed over time?

Physical Education

  • Let’s explore the nutritional content of the dish.

Foreign Language

  • French cooking language – mis en place, etc. learning practical language with context.

Fine Art

  • The fine art of cooking – can you physically make the dish? Is it delicious?
  • How can we make it better or different or more personal?
  • Can you teach me? With a video, an infographic or a traditional recipe card…something else?

Practical Art

  • Cost benefit analysis: Kraft Mac N Cheese vs Homemade from scratch
  • Which is cheaper for 2 for 4 for 20?
  • Which tastes better? Is it worth the trouble?
  • Which is faster to make?


The art of connection is the means to an end, it is the means of engagement to the deep learning and love of learning that Benedicite Education promotes.   

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