Exploration of STL Public Art


Posted by on November 9, 2016

Exploration of STL Public Art & French Sauces with Ms. Dianna
Art: We looked at dozens of examples of building-front sculptures as research for student’s own public art project.
Key concepts:STL 4
How landscape can add to or detract from the success of out door art.
Scale – how big does the piece need to be? We used sample estimating to gauge size of existing sculptures.
Color – should the piece blend in, stand out or interact with the environment? (Ex: Untitled – Two Rabbits by Tom Claasssen in Citygarden used shadows from surrounding trees as “color”)
We examined sculptures in contrast to 2-D work.
Should my sculpture invite the viewer to touch or interact with it?


Cooking: Learned key components and customized Bechamel sauceSTL 3

Compared six recipes to find the classic French mother sauce recipe. Consulted with professional chef to confirm recipe.

Smell compared each spice (Ex: cloves- ground mix, whole Madagascar or whole Ceylon) and chose according to smell preference.

Watched video demonstrations from several chefs to compare technique.
Tried it out in the kitchen!


Urban Day: The high school students spend one day per week at the urban campus. This is a field day of exploration, independence and self-discovery.

  • The city is the campus.
  • The arts, museums, and community resources are the classroom.
  • Students experience the history and social economics of the community.
  • Students become creators, instead of consumers, of knowledge.
  • Adult is guide, co-learner, and broker of learning possibilities.

Learn more about the BE Urban Program for high school students.

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