Running Club

Run Club

Posted by on September 2, 2016

by Mrs. Bross

I have been hosting running club for six years. I started running club because I wanted it for my children, and everything is more fun with friends. When I initially began, I had nothing more than the physical benefits in mind. In time and after research, I learned the brain and emotional benefits as well.


  • Increase speed, strength and endurance.
  • Improve coordination and concentration.
  • Improve body awareness and self-regulation.
  • Learn new self-talk like, “I can do hard things.”

Your child doesn’t have to be a “runner” to join running club. We will have a mix of exercises, games and personal challenges that all kids enjoy. There is no sign-up required, just show up on the days that work for you. The ground is often wet even if it hasn’t rain, so it may be more comfortable and courteous to bring indoor shoes to change into after running club. We will run outside most days, and in the gym during inclement weather.

Every morning before school at 8:00, beginning September 6.

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