Urban High School (ages 14-18)

All-New Option for High School. Enroll for 2017-18.

BE Urban is a Life Preparatory educational program for ages 14 – 18. Using a hybrid model of classwork, independent study, off-campus experiences and real life application, BE offers an integration of best educational practices. We have created a dynamic space and culture that is interactive, inclusive, and collaborative. Freedom of choice and independence are given. BE is a place where learning is a common resource – one to share and build on. 

BE Urban serves the unique needs of the adolescent: work that challenges, engages, and satisfies the search for novelty and opportunities to develop advanced thinking and self-regulation.

For the modern learner, learning is the ability to connect the dots and create new points of interest. We make learning meaningful, the way you learn best when you’re not in school:

  • Informal
  • Social
  • Non-linear
  • On-demand
  • Mentor-led
  • Experiential


High school students gather at the Urban Campus one day every week. The Urban Campus was chosen to meet the social emotional needs of the emerging young adult. The purpose of the Urban Campus is to serve as the gateway to connection and engagement. The arts, the museums, and the community become the classroom. The learning environment is open and collaborative, and not limited to the walls of the building. The learning opportunities are endless with the city as the campus.


Raising an Adult Initiative: At BE Urban, we assist the teen through this critical period of transition to adulthood. Namely, we give opportunities to practice independence and decision making. We support the teen’s intellectual and emotional freedom. Over the course of the program and the maturity of the self, we offer incrementally less structure and more self-direction. The goals of the program, and key to adulthood, are self-reliance and a separate identity from parents.

Unparalleled Support  – Guide, Advisor, Parents, Mentor

Each student creates an individualized, structured study centered on the student’s interests, talents, and education path. The student is the agent of his/her education. Each student has an educational support system including learning guides, advisor, parents and mentor. BE Urban provides life preparatory for each student through purposeful coursework and meaningful contribution. The curriculum of purposeful coursework and meaningful contribution is unique for each student.

Passions woven into an academic schedule. Weekly conference and work plan to keep the course. High expectations and high support. BE Urban is more than you thought high school could be. 

Presentations, reflection, peer review, and learning guide narratives are key evaluations. The student is a trusted partner, and participation and mastery are expected. We believe engagement is fundamental to learning, and students who are engaged will learn. BE Urban uses a growth-oriented assessment for continuous improvement. The objectives are:

  • Participate in the evaluation and reflect on the learning experiences.
  • Be open to new ideas and perspectives.
  • Take risks, test new ideas, and make connections.
  • Resist assumptions, prejudices, and biases.
  • Make mistakes.
  • Improve.

Weekly Schedule

Weekly Schedule

Enrollment Options & Tuition

STUDIO DAY – This is a “white box” day for experimenting, researching, starting a project from scratch, and learning new skills. The Studio Day is a day for creative expression. This may be building, painting, writing, programming, photography, business development, and more.

URBAN DAY – The high school students spend one day per week at the urban campus. This is a field day of exploration, independence and self-discovery.


  • The city is the campus.
  • The arts, museums, and community resources are the classroom.
  • Students experience the history and social economics of the community.
  • Students become creators, instead of consumers, of knowledge.
  • Adult is guide, co-learner, and broker of learning possibilities.


ADVISORY – Students meet individually with an advisor each week. The learning contract details the student’s academic expectations, objectives and learning experiences for the semester. The weekly work plan outlines the daily tasks to meet the objectives of the Learning Contract. As the student matures in organization and self-management, the student will have the responsibility of creating the learning contract and weekly work plan. (See also Advisory).

  • Weekly Work Plan
  • Semester Learning Contract
  • 4-Year Custom High School Plan
  • Student Resume
  • Post-Graduation Counseling

Are you ready to create your own learning playlist? We can help.

Next step: Let’s meet and talk. (Student Interview).


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Urban Campus – The purpose of the Urban Campus is to serve as the gateway to connection and engagement for high school students.  The urban campus is learning filled with life, a living textbook if you will. The arts, the museums, and the community become the classroom. The learning environment is open and collaborative, and not limited to the walls of the building. The learning opportunities are endless with the city as the campus.

  • TechShop
  • Cortex Innovation Community
  • St. Louis Zoo
  • St. Louis Science Center
  • Jewel Box
  • Missouri Botanical Gardens
  • Forest Park
  • MetroLink/Trolley
  • St. Louis Public Library
  • SLU/WashU/UMSL/Fontbonne Universities
  • SSM/BJC Hospitals
  • History Museum
  • Art Museum
  • New Line Theatre
  • The Improv Shop
  • Grand Center
  • Holocaust Museum
  • Campbell House Museum
  • Inside the Economy Museum

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Urban Campus

Flagship Opportunities:
  • Urban Experience  
  • Farm Experience
  • Personal Finance & Management
  • Health & Wellness Program
  • Service Learning
  • Leadership Habits
  • Education Adventure Trips
  • Weekly Individual Advisory
  • Mentors

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Every athlete knows optimal performance requires hard training followed by recovery. Our minds, like our bodies, need "processing" days, the slower days to reap the benefits of the training days. We have created a unique daily and weekly schedule to optimize individual excellence.

Dianna Folwarczny

Learning Guide, Artist, Athlete


Dianna Folwarczny

Learning Guide, Artist, Athlete

individual excellence