Adolescent Farm (ages 12-14)

All-New Option for Middle School. Now Enrolling for 2018-19.

Our Adolescent Program is a life preparatory education program for ages 12 – 14. This unique program combines a hybrid model of class work, independent study, off-campus experience, and real-life application. The goal of the adolescent program is to build confidence, academic foundation, and practical skills that equip students for life.

This hybrid model consists of 3 days on campus or farm, with an optional 5-day work plan that can be completed on off days. Families meet with the Adolescent Advisor to discuss learning styles, goals, interests, and scheduling options. From there, as a learning team, families and teachers design the student’s individualized plan for each semester.

Benedicite Learning Guides plan by blending best practices and theories from Montessori, Global Village School, mentors, real-life challenges, and Missouri state standards. Even though they use these methods to plan, the emphasis is always on following the child and his/her individual learning style.

Families may also choose to combine Benedicite with one of our Partnerships at Mizzou, Acellus, or Edmentum, in order to extend the work plan on off days, during travel, or even through the summer. Learning Guides are available to support and extend learning with these partnerships. With all of the options out there, these partnerships have been chosen because they are each unique in their approach and offer what our families are asking for.

After learning more about the Adolescent Program and partnerships, families have several options when enrolling in BE.

#1- Join Benedicite Adolescent Program 3 days a week with minimal off-day work required. This is ideal for families who have been at BE in the past and are comfortable with managing homeschooling hours and finding their own resources outside of the program.

#2 – Join Benedicite Adolescent Program 3 days a week. Enroll part time or full time in either Mizzou, Acellus, Edmuntem, or a combination of the three with support from the BE Learning team (available through email on off days).  This support will include an individualized syllabus for each semester, a 5 day work plan, a summer syllabus to continue learning while BE is not in session, and a quarterly meeting with Parents and students. With this option, Learning Guides are available via email on Monday and Friday to help with questions about any of the platforms or subjects the child is enrolled in. This program is ideal for the family that wants to have the freedom of homeschooling, and the beauty of BE, but would like to take all of the guesswork out of off days and record keeping. This is a great option for families that have other obligations on off days and where the adolescent shows readiness to take responsibility for the learning that happens when a guide or parent isn’t always present.

With both options, students will participate in all of the Benedicite extras such as STEAM, Technology, Business Development, Service Learning, Independent Study, Interest-Led Learning, Peace Education, Growth Mindset, Soft Skills, and more.

Why Benedicite Education?

  • With any of these options, BE offers advisory in a variety of fields, backgrounds, and learning styles through our unique learning team.
  • All families will have an individualized educational layout and multiple shared resources when they become part of the BE family.
  • The students and parents will enjoy a social environment where connections and collaboration are paramount to our success.
  • Benedicite Adolescent Program helps prepare the student for the future of education. This environment provides 21st-century learning skills with a mix of technology, collaboration, problem-solving, project development along with more traditional choices.
  • The Adolescent Advisor will help set up internships and look for connections that can be made within the child’s interests outside of the regular classroom.
  • Rather than only participating in an online study, students will have a real person other than the Parents to help them reach their goals.
  • With emphasis placed on mindfulness, social and emotional learning, in combination with Peace Education, students are prepped for the “soft skills” that encourage strong relationships and healthy adulthood.
  • Students experience the farm or city outings with their peers and extend learning in a real-life setting.
  • Students have built-in collaboration time through service learning projects, business development, the arts and entertainment, technology, STEAM, and giving back with service time in the younger grades and throughout the community.

If you are still wondering why BE, please join us on May 3rd at our monthly Parent Education Night. We will discuss summer resources and collaborate with other BE families as part of our continuing effort to provide education for all.

farm dayThe Adolescent Program provides experiential learning at Dickherber Farms in Dardenne Prairie, Missouri. Dickherber Farms is a fourth generation working farm. The farm is situated on 80 acres and home to many living things from which to learn. The middle school students work alongside the farmers one day every week.

On Farm Days, students begin their day on the farm. They work with their hands and their head to develop independence, self-confidence, and awareness of their own talents. Work on the farm provides a meaningful backdrop where students can connect with our natural world and the rhythms of the seasons. We believe the farm is an ideal place for adolescents to cultivate the field and the mind.

Enrollment Options & Tuition (2018-19)

Customize your child’s learning experience with personal interests, passions, hobbies, and sports

The Learning Support Team model of guiding, coaching and mentoring is superlative. Two learning guides and small class sizes ensure individualized learning. Mentor-led activities and coaching are integrated throughout the program. Parental involvement is paramount to the success of the BE learning experience.

Technology-infused creative learning environment

In an effort to stay pace with the modern learner, we use open source technology and community-based resources, such as libraries and makerspaces. This allows us to be both dynamic and responsive to the continuous advancement of technology and needs of our students.

Are you ready to choose your own adventure? We can help.

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The Farm

Skill Development
gardening • apprenticing • micro-business • long-term projects • interest-led research • community and global awareness • sustainability practices • recognizing interdependence • collaboration with peers • self expression • peaceful leadership • teaching younger students • responsibility and accountability • budgeting and planning • self care and mindfulness • meal planning and prep • time and project management • basic maintenance

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BE is a Game Changer

My son's talents were hidden in the traditional school and his self-esteem was wounded. Benedicite changed his trajectory.

Parent, My Child's Advocate


Parent, My Child's Advocate