Your passions. Your plan. A curriculum just for you.

A customized plan that truly differentiates for your child is the secret ingredient of individual excellence. Because your child has unique strengths and interests, we partner with you to create the optimal learning experience for your child. BE addresses subjects in a cross-curricular and inquiry-based learning method. Following the student’s passions and pace, the curriculum is expressive and adaptive to offer meaningful education to each child. Rather than just finding different ways to do the same curriculum, we enable students to create their own curriculum. We let the questions lead the way; the learning comes naturally.    

  • Language Arts
  • Cultural Studies
  • Spanish
  • American Sign Language
  • History
  • Math
  • Science
  • Media Arts & Technology
  • Health
  • Physical Education
  • Fine Arts
  • Music
  • Drama
  • Practical Life

BE incorporates a hybrid model of best educational practices for the modern learner. We blend classwork, online resources, community, and home.

Meaningful Education – We believe the student’s work should have purpose and relevance. Meaningful education has these characteristics:

  1. Knowledge-building – student work demonstrates new knowledge built on previous knowledge. This is often in the form of analysis, interpretation, synthesis or evaluation, but not rote or reproduction.
  2. Inquiry-based – student work begins with observation and wonder. Students are both the problem-finder and problem-solver. Depth over breadth demonstrates deep learning whereby the student can creatively apply the learned skills to a new problem.
  3. Value beyond measure – student work is more than a grade, it has personal significance and/or social contribution.

Peace Education – BE is a holistic culture of peace. It is a prepared environment that connects students and builds community. Peace is founded on awareness and management of self and respect of others. A peaceful classroom is inclusive of ideas, abilities, interests, and ages. Peace Education is not a separate curriculum; it is integrated in all we do. The students demonstrate peace in their daily practice of inclusion and collaboration, service learning, and mindfulness exercises.  

Multi-age Environment – In a multi-age environment the older students take pride in showing the younger students the way of the classroom. They model how to follow the rules and routines. They model appropriate socialization, communication, and behaviors, while the younger students strive to do their best and look up to the veterans of the classroom. If we look around our community and family, we are rarely with people the same age. By having a mixed age group, BE imitates the real world learning environment.

Student-directed – The student is the agent of his learning. We offer voice and choice in content, process and product.

Practical Arts – At BE, we allow time and space for developing life skills that further our students along the continuum of independence. This includes family life such as event planning, cooking and personal finance.

Open Ended / Maker Materials

  • not restrained by definite limits, restrictions or structure
  • allowing for or adaptable to change
  • inconclusive or indefinite
  • allowing for spontaneous, unstructured response

Project Based Learning– All projects begin with a wonder question and follow a simple knowledge building sequence of read, write, and build.

Presentations of Learning – This is an opportunity for the student to demonstrate and share her learning with the class or community. A POL reflects on the learning process and demonstrates the product. Popular products include, but are not limited to, student created video, artwork, play, or a 3-D build. The products vary as greatly as the process.

Service Learning – Service Learning delivers learning through service. It offers the students an opportunity for community engagement and reflection.

Outdoor Education – Outdoor Ed offers learning experiences in the form of scouting and camping, farm and forest, first aid and personal challenges. The primary and elementary students have unstructured outdoor play and exploration every day.

Social Emotional Learning – SEL is the gaining of awareness and management of self and others. We believe social emotional learning is every bit as important as academia. Strong social emotional skills are strongly correlated with one’s happiness and success in life. Social emotional learning is not a separate program, but rather infused into the BE learning environment.

Off-campus Learning – Off Campus Learning fosters a child’s natural way of learning. Students at all levels enrich their academic work through multi-sensorial learning experiences. Off Campus Learning has included diverse locations such as The Farm at Kraut Run, Astronomy Viewing at Broemmelsiek Park, and behind the scenes at Cold Stone Creamery.

Mentor / Expert Partnership – This partnership provides the opportunity for the children to go beyond the materials and learn from real experts in the field. Expert visits typically occur on campus by bringing Masters of various fields into the classroom.

Open Source – Open Education is a philosophy of sharing knowledge and resources upon which to build new skills and make new connections. Open Education is the antithesis of a standardized curriculum. Open Education is the way of the modern learner who is always learning. Open educational resources allow for a customized, interactive learning experience. The BE classroom is an open source community, capitalizing on everyone’s strengths and contributing to the advancement of the group. Open to exchange ideas. Open to collaborate. Open to create. Open to learn.

Microeconomy (Adolescent & High School Program) – Students develop entrepreneurial skills and create a student-run business.

Digital Portfolio (High School Program) – This is the student’s personal collection of work and learning experiences. They curate, reflect, publish and share.

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We embrace imagination and the inventive spirit. We encourage a path of limitless thinking that promotes strengths and passions.

Jessica Schlipp

Founder, Learning Guide, Mom


Jessica Schlipp

Founder, Learning Guide, Mom