Benedicite Education – Providing a Meaningful Education for All

Through the student’s interests, strengths and passions, we engage the student in learning. Through relevant, purposeful and meaningful work, we connect students to their roles in the world. The vision of Benedicite Education is to be this place of engagement and connection.

We are a community of builders, athletes, musicians, writers, scientists, peacemakers, humanists, and environmentalists. Passion-driven and strength-based for individual excellence. Unparalleled learning support and a diverse learning environment. More than you thought school could be. This is made possible through the partnership of students, learning guides, mentors, and parents.



  • Begin with the student’s questions and curiosities and ignite the fire for learning with his/her passions, strengths and interests.
  • Offer a safe environment built on respect of self, others, and community.
  • Create multiple avenues of learning.
  • Provide relevant, purposeful, meaningful work drawn from the student’s passions, strengths and interests.
  • Help student identify his role within the family, community and world.
  • Emphasize self-awareness, self-discipline and self-regulation.
  • Create a network of support.
  • Practice responsibility, leadership, decision making and accountability.
  • Equip students to become capable, responsible adults.

We engage and connect through creative learning experiences of projects, passions, peers, play, and purpose. We place emphasis on the process, not the product.  We make learning easy and fun.

If you believe a meaningful education looks different for every child.

If you believe every child has gifts and strengths to contribute.

If you believe every child is curious and self-motivated to learn according to these curiosities.

If you believe the goal of education is to learn how to think, not what to think.

If you believe parents are the first teachers and know their child best.

We want to partner with you.

“This is a school where we wonder, we ask questions, we follow up with our questions and we present to our friends what we learned. This is a school where Grandpa comes and builds and plays and teaches. This is a school where you can develop skills through interests. This is a school where the kids have a say in their education. This is a school where your wonders become reality. This is a movement, where we are small but mighty and dedicated to providing meaningful education for all. This is our school.” Read more of this ParentTestimonial.

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