Friends of the Rainforest


Posted by on May 17, 2017

We wanted to start a business and donate our profits to a good cause. Our teachers helped us find a mentor and we started a business club. The philanthropy we have chosen for this year is Friends of the Rainforest.

We came up with this idea because Ms. Maggie, our Science Mentor, teaches us about the Rainforest. We want to raise awareness and money for the Rainforest. We believe that small change can make a big difference.    

Our first event was an ice cream party, which raised $672. Our second event was a bake sale, which raised $135. On May 17, we donated $807 to Friends of the Rainforest. This was possible because of generous sponsors and donors.

Visit our student-designed website for more information: BE educated

A note from the mentor: This has been a journey of self development and leadership for all the students. They are very proud of the fruits of their labor, a sizable donation to present to Friends of the Rainforest. What we are most proud of is their entrepreneurial spirit and personal contribution. This was a semester-long project. The embedded learning objectives included:

  • Business development, including mission statement and web design
  • Business etiquette, including phone calls, emails, thank yous and customer service
  • Event planning, including shopping, pricing, baking, decorating, promotions and sales
  • Personal development, including 7 Habits study and the 3Rs: Respect Self, Respect Others, Respect Environment

Monkey Meals Under the Canopy


Bake Sale


Presentation of Donation


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