Our Thanksgiving Feast


Posted by on November 23, 2016

The Thanksgiving Feast is a time of giving thanks and sharing our bounty. We encourage the children to help prepare the food, set the table, greet the guests and of course, clean up. At Benedicite Education, we believe mindfulness and practical life are important skills. We embed mindfulness practices and life skills in every day.

Here are some ways to include your children and add significance to your holiday traditions.

Teach Kids to Set the Table in 5 Simple Steps – Since eating is one of our kids’ all-time favorite activities, we thought it was important to teach the proper way to set the table for a meal.

Table Manners Every Middle Schooler Should Know – #6. Don’t take out your retainer at the table. Period. Instead, remove it before you sit down to eat. When you’re ready to put it back in, wait until the meal is finished and you have left the table.

Ways to Make Thanksgiving Mindful – We officially launch the holiday season this week — Thanksgiving, Black Fri- Thursday?, gay happy meetings, and lots of good eatings. What if we made it the Most Mindful Time of the Year?

Happy Thanksgiving!

BE Thankful


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