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Posted by on October 13, 2016

I have exciting news to share! I am part of a grassroots educational movement to put my children at the root of their own learning. After a most impressive year with my son at Benedicite Education, I want to offer this to my daughters. I want them to pursue their passions; I want them to own their learning; I want them to reach for possibilities and potential. It is true, my daughters are excellent students. They do school well. And yet, I want something more for them.  

My biggest criticism of other schools is that they do not truly differentiate. Schools are unable to accommodate talents and passions. More effort is placed on raising a child’s weakness than growing strengths. They are teaching to the middle, which really is very few. So unless your child is average, their needs are not being met. You are paying to pursue their talents and passions outside of school. You are paying to tutor their weaknesses. You are paying for stress and mediocrity.

Benedicite Education is a radical take on learning. This may be un-schooling by all standard definitions. But it is not un-learning. It is redefining school. It is an all-new option. It is an alternative to the common approach. It is an individualized learning experience for the modern learner. This is what I want for my children and I am putting my effort into making it a reality.

In my dream school,

  • Passions fall within the curriculum
  • Students create their own workplan
  • Students create meaningful work
  • Class is open and collaborative
  • Students contribute to the community
  • Students are equipped for life

With these values in mind, my 8th grade daughter Emily experienced an Education Adventure Trip to Chicago. The experience was organized around Emily’s passion for art and sailing. She toured four art studios – metal forming, bronze sculpting, wood & stone, and steel – for a broader range of art experience. Emily took her portfolio of 17 works in 6 different mediums to be reviewed by 4 professional artists. She had a 6-hour sailing lesson aboard Miranda Rights. Especially significant, Emily received a tutorial on “graphic facilitation.” Of course, no trip to Chicago is complete without a visit to the Art Institute and deep dish pizza.  

For 2017-18, Benedicite Education is open to middle and high school students. Passion, not pedagogy, leads to individual excellence. Join me on this journey. I want my children to be entrepreneurs of their lives, and so they must be given the opportunity to practice as entrepreneurs of their education. We are now enrolling and customizing for the inaugural class of middle and high school students.

Yours in service and learning,

Michelle Bross

To learn more:

Middle School & High School Preview – October 20 at 6:30 | 725 Wall St., Wentzville

Email with questions or to setup a consultation.  


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