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Posted by on October 17, 2016

What is new and different about Middle and High School at Benedicite Education?

Besides “passion-driven work, interest-led groups, and more time to do what you love,” Benedicite Education offers Flagship Opportunities that will benefit every student.

  • Urban Experience  
  • Farm Experience
  • MOOC (self-paced & on-demand)
  • Personal Finance & Management
  • Health & Wellness Program
  • Service & Meaningful Contribution
  • Leadership Habits
  • Education Adventure Trips
  • Weekly Individual Advisory
  • Personal Mentor

Most notably, the learning support team is unmatched. The learning support team consists of learning guide (10:1), educational advisor (10:1), professional mentor (1:1), and parents (2:1). Advisory begins by 9th grade with the creation of a four-year masterplan. Students will meet weekly to plan off-campus learning and course-correct as necessary. Self-discovery, reflection, and post-graduation counseling are embedded and continuous. Mentors are selected based on field of interest and the ability to coach and guide students along their personal and professional development. The learning support team provides guidance and coaching. The student practices decision-making, responsibility, and independence.   

Fluidity between grades. Mixed-age groups are a real world application of learning. It’s not about age or grade, it’s about needs and fit.

Reflection is the test. Through portfolios, peer reviews, and one-on-one conferences, the students present their learning. The expectations are not less, and the potential is more. Students are free from the emotional pressure to perform to the test, and can maximize learning. Students can make mistakes, learn and improve. Learning is a condition of perpetual beta.  

We will discussion these points and more:

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