What are the next steps to learn more? 

  1. Virtual Parent Ed (slide deck of information)
  2. Personal Tour to meet the team, tour the space and ask questions – Monday by appointment and T/W/Th after school
  3. Student Visit or Parent Observation Day – T/W/Th during school hours
  4. Enrollment

Do I need to be a stay-at-home parent to enroll my child at Benedicite? No. Creativity and flexibility are key. Benedicite allows flexibility for the students and parents. With a family-centered schedule, learning is not limited to 9:00 – 3:00, or what will be on the test. With three school days and two family days, our parents are creative and resourceful. Here are a few options our parents use:

  1. Flex-time and part-time work schedule
  2. Work from home
  3. Grandparents
  4. Community learning resources (library, art center, college, etc.)
  5. Studio day at BE (available to adolescents)
  6. Work/Study/Internship (available to adolescents)

Who is this program for?  The curious, passionate, independent modern learner excels at Benedicite.

  • Students whose interests/passions lie outside the traditional parameters of school.
  • Students who have not been challenged by the traditional curriculum.
  • Students who have been previously disengaged from the learning process.
  • Students who have been previously invisible in a traditional environment.
  • Students who want something more than a grade.
  • Students who have been overwhelmed with the workload or the pressure of the performance.
  • Homeschoolers who want to add a social learning peer group.

Is this a year-round program? All Benedicite Programs run September to May. Summer camps and enrichment days may be available. We are happy to assist in creating a summer educational plan for adolescents that may include service, travel or internship.

Do students wear uniforms? BE students wear a uniform shirt.

What is the student to support ratio?

Primary Program – There are two learning guides with the primary students.

Elementary Program – Each classroom has at least two learning guides. Two learning guides and small class sizes ensure individualized learning.

Farm Program – The learning guide supervises no more than 15 students.

Urban Program – Every student has a  1:3 learning support team: learning guide, educational advisor, and mentor. The guide and advisor supervise no more than 15 students. The mentor is a personal one-on-one relationship with a professional in the student’s field of interest. Including parental support, this is an effective team support for the whole child.

Are meals included? Meals are not included. Students may bring a nutritious snack and a lunch. High school students may prepare a lunch on-campus or leave campus for lunch on select days.

Are parents invited to participate at school? Parents are encouraged to visit and participate in their child’s learning as frequently as possible. BE wants parents to share their talents with the school community. BE offers Parent Education Nights and family social events throughout the year. Family-Teacher conferences occur twice a year, and open communication at all times. Please note, BE requires a background check for participating and volunteering at school.

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Teachers and Parents Partner

I encourage you to learn more about our school family. A place where teachers and parents partner together. A place where imaginations are applauded, nature is a classroom and learning is bountiful.    

Missy S.



Missy S.


education for all - album cover

Does BE offer extra curricular activities or school sports? BE promotes an active, healthy lifestyle. We have many fitness, club, and meet-up opportunities during school hours. We do not offer school sports or competitive physical education. The alternative school schedule allows for ample time to play a sport of choice or be on a select team.

What is the role of technology? Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) – A chromebook is  a necessary tool for every Adolescent student. Some students may need a laptop for technical applications. BE is a technology-infused creative learning environment. In an effort to stay paced with the modern learner, we use open source technology and community-based resources, such as libraries and makerspaces. This allows us to be both dynamic and responsive to the continuous advancement of technology and needs of our students.

What about attendance and disciplinary issues? This is a voluntary program. Any areas of concern will be addressed immediately. The student and learning support team will work to reach a mutually agreeable resolution. Discipline is aligned with the school’s philosophy of social emotional learning. We aim to be proactive, provide a safe environment, and seek collaboration in student construction of rules. We offer alternatives and diversion when needed, such as peace work for grounding and centering, exercise for movement needs and conflict resolution for interpersonal issues. Changing the environment and involving the students are priorities in any discipline matter. Opportunity for restoration and learning from mistakes is the intended outcome.

Is transportation available from the west to the urban campus? Yes, carpool/shuttle is available.

Does BE Urban offer transcript and diploma? Yes, BE Urban provides a transcript and program completion diploma, signed by the student’s learning support team.

Will the BE diploma be recognized by colleges? Yes, BE Urban meets the Missouri high school graduation requirements and the state university entrance requirements.

University Missouri – St. Louis

University Missouri – Columbia

Where do students go after BE Urban? Because BE students pursue passions during high school, they are prepared for college, career, and life. There are several options after BE, and all are equally supported.

  • Agriculture
  • Career
  • College/University
  • Gap Year (before college or career)
  • Military
  • Vocational or Technical School