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Benedicite Education
Providing a Meaningful Education for All

Benedicite Education is a microschool. We are part of a grassroots educational movement to put the student at the root of his own learning where growth happens organically. Small and independent by design, we are able to offer greater choice, variety and quality to create a truly individualized learning experience.

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Putting the Play in Kindergarten

Putting the Play in Kindergarten

Jun/9 By

At Benedicite, kindergarten is a sensory and play-based learning experience. Students are encouraged to talk, move, create, build, make choices, and problem-solve. Three days per week; half-day and full-day option. 


Friends of the Rainforest

May/17 By

We wanted to start a business and donate our profits to a good cause. Our teachers helped us find a mentor and we started a business club. The philanthropy we

farm day

Why the Farm | Middle School

Mar/31 By

Maybe you are wondering why we have chosen the Farm Experience for the middle school ages 12 – 14. The Farm is their time and space to take on their

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